The Way to Save Pictures on Your iPhone

If you are like many iPhone users, when you updated to the newest edition of iOS, Apple automatically silenced your preferences, programs, and text messages. While there are advantages to wiping your cellphone and beginning–c’mon, you do not actually need those apps –there is also the risk that you may lose valuable info hidden inside your text messages. All those short missives you have written are largely ephemeral, but a number of them may be important, especially in the event you need them as evidence in a dispute. Even if you only want to save your priceless nuggets of humor, you should be able to. Apple–frustratingly–provides no simple way to export your texts and iMessages, and it needs to. Here are the top workarounds currently available.

The Document Is in the Computer

Apple saves your text messages from its iPhone backups, whether they are stored locally on your PC or they are part of an iCloud backup–that you should have. That’s good! Unfortunately, they are not separated out. However, you can get them via the filesystem. If you back up anyplace on an Apple machine, you’ll get the file under Library gt; Program Support gt; MobileSync gt; Backup . There ought to be multiple folders there, each using a different backup image of your mobile phone. All those folders should have a file called:

3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28. mddata.

Those are your texts, in SQLite database form.

On a Windows machine, you can discover that document in C:Users[USERNAME]AppDataRoaming .

Unfortunately, you can not open up this file in a text editor{}you will either require a SQLite editor or a unique third-party tool. But at the very least, if you copy that file and keep it somewhere safe, you have got a record of your text messages. Here is an online service where you are able to upload this file and download the content and metadata in either PDF or CSV form. Needless to say, it is totally up to you if you would like to provide some old site access to your personal messages.

There is an App for This

Many distinct programs can’t just decode the SQLite file Apple uses to store SMS messages but may also simplify archiving and finding them. PhoneView Is Often recommended for Mac, and CopyTrans Appears to be the program of choice among Windows users. There’s many different similar utilities. Many of them cost between $15 and $30, and there doesn’t appear to be a free, open source alternative that is “good enough” to have popular appeal.

I prefer iExplorer , which we have covered previously. It costs money, but the demo version will permit you to go the . Mddata document and copy/paste the text. If you would like to export the messages into a PDF or text file, then you will need to pay.

Quick n’ Dirty

If you are using the texts to really settle a dispute, you will likely need to take screenshots. (That is holding down the sleep/wake and home buttons at exactly the exact same time.) Scroll down to the latest messages from the conversation in question. Screenshot. Scroll up. Repeat about a thousand times. Sure, it is going to take some time, but it is the only solution you can do entirely on your iPhone with no computer, and it is most likely what a attorney is going to want to see. Do not forget–if you would like timestamps for every message, swipe from the right side of the screen to expose the delivery times. It is also possible to select multiple messages by tapping and holding a message bubbles to pick more than one, and forwarding those to your own email address. However, you will lose all of the metadata, and as the NSA has shown us, at times the metadata is more important than the content of the messages {}.

I, Message

For this point, we have been treating SMS and iMessage as the exact same protocol, because the above methods cover both. But if you sync iMessage in your Mac and your iPhone, your computer should get the very same iMessages your telephone does and save them in the Messages chat logs. You may print a whole conversation in the Messages program or discover the chat logs in Library gt; Messages gt; Archive. Needless to say, this requires that the person you’re corresponding with also uses Apple products.

Score One for Android

This is one of numerous circumstances where the openness of the Android ecosystem contributes to enhanced functionality on the device. Because Android permits a wide choice of non-system programs to send and receive SMS messages, you will find an assortment of easy archival programs that run on your telephone {}. SMS Backup amp; Restore is straightforward, well-reviewed, and above all, free. Start there.

This post was updated on September 15, 2017. It was originally published on November 5, 2013 by Kif Leswing.


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