How to Download and Install iOS 11

It is that time of year again: The weather’s cooling down, the leaves are changing colour, and Apple’s newest iPhones are on the way.

Not prepared to drop $1,000 on an iPhone X? That’s cool. You can make your older iPhone (and iPad) feel fresh again by upgrading to iOS 11. The newest software packs some nifty new attributes such as a brighter, more humanlike Siri plus a customizable Control Center. IPad users should be particularly pumped to the new Drag and Drop feature, which makes it much easier to get work done on the move.

The free software upgrade becomes available today. Here is what to do to get it on all of your devices.

Back It Up

Before committing your iPhone or iPad a wonderful little makeover, make sure your information’s all backed up. Uploading data to iCloud simplifies the fundamentals like contacts, settings, and messages, but storage can be expensive and it will not save things like program tastes. To get a more comprehensive (and free) backup, iTunes will save all of the fundamentals along with your programs, log-in credentials, and also your home display arrangement. Plug your device into your computer, open iTunes, select your device, and select “Back Up Now” under the “Manually Back Up and Restore.”

Power Up

You won’t be able to receive all of iOS 11’s sweet new features if your device is not charged. You’ll also have to plug into a socket and connect to Wi-Fi until you can begin your download.

Make Space

You will need about 2GB of free space to download the new OS. Make some room by deleting photographs and programs you no longer desire. Google Photos has a cool feature that automatically uploads your photographs to its servers, and you can let it clear all of the photos in your camera roll as soon as they’re backed up. Do it ahead of time to spare yourself the hassle of deleting stuff.

Show Time

As soon as you’re plugged in, backed up, and have space to spare, you are all set. Your telephone should notify you if the iOS 11 upgrade is available, but if you are feeling antsy, jump in the General tab in the Settings program and hit Software Update to begin the download.


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