August Smart Lock Review: A High-Tech Alternative to the Key below the Mat

When August first introduced its smart lock 2014, it bested the competition by pairing high design and high technology in ways that other smarthome brands could not. With its latest, third generation August Smart Lock, you get updated technology in a more straightforward, newly designed package. However, the sales pitch has not changed: Using an August attached to your door, you can use your phone as your keys, text your very best friend or delivery driver a virtual key, and unlock your door when you are nearby.

This clean-sheet re-do is not the large, round knob you could associate with August. I believe the locks wore their Yves BĂ©har-designed exteriors quite well. This new pill-shaped version is still made from high quality aluminum, but it is somewhat less striking than previous generations. Rather than the whole smart lock acting as the guide deadbolt change, the new Smart Lock has a comparably petit lock onto its face. nbsp;

August Smart Lock



Affordable new price. Does not skimp on features like DoorSense. New design remains minimalist and clean.


No Alexa or HomeKit compatibility. Auto Unlock can be hit-or-miss because of Bluetooth geofencing.

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Like August’s additional locks, this one supports things like automatic locking and unlocking. You even get the most recent attribute They left out things like Alexa, Z-Wave, and HomeKit integration, but included in a feature named DoorSense. Using a secondary detector, the Smart Lock can currently tell whether the door was left ajar.

Previous models of this August lock price over $200, but this Smart Lock reduces the entrance level to just $149. That makes it cheaper than many competing smart locks out of Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale. Nbsp; August has also made this lock compatible with a Wi-Fi bridge it requires August Connect, which permits you to use the August app remotely or locally. Obviously, August’s lock integrates with the rest of its ecosystem, which means you may add its own Smart Keypad and Doorbell Cam to completely deck out your door. When used together, it’s possible to obsessively track guests that open the door using their electronic key and even see photographs of who has been ringing your doorbell in one easy timeline within the August app.


The manufacturer claims the intelligent Lock takes only 10 minutes to set up, and while I did not time it onto a stopwatch, I was impressed with the straightforward and painless procedure. For many people, installing an August lock will be well in their DIY skills, and the August program’s step-by-step video directions helped enormously. I am confident most renters and homeowners could pull off this no perspiration. Nbsp; The only bad thing I must mention is that the lock may be a bit fussy. As it depends on Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone, its geofencing is imperfect at best. Over a few times I came at my door only to see that the lock had not discovered my phone yet, so auto unlock had not happened. It was frustrating to presume my door could be open when it was not. Also, as you miss out on integration with other smarthome systems, this wise Lock may function better as a standalone instead of a piece of a larger, unified home-monitoring system. Nbsp; If you have had your eye on a intelligent lock, the low cost and easy setup make the August Smart Lock great. For busy households with a great deal of traffic, or even Airbnbs, August eventually provides a smart replacement for the older spare key under the mat.

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